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Recipes – Sweet and Savory

Along with the curing of all manner of meats, I like to do some cooking with heat now and again. In this section you’ll find an array of recipes ranging from savory to sweet. Some are old family recipes, some are classic preparations, and some are things I’ve just learned and adapted from cookbooks and other master chefs.

I hope you’ll enjoy this collection of everything from white trash Mac and Cheese made with Velveeta to the only Risotto recipe that is guaranteed to get you whatever you want. Bon appetit!

Savory Recipes

The Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe

My family loves these delicious, buttery, easy to make biscuits. They are a great treat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and are sure to please the crowd. Bonus – they are simple to make! Try them out for your next country dinner or even as a special treat for your family.

Don Stefano’s Pizza Dough Recipe

Tired of eating chewy pizza made from store bought, pre-made dough that looks grey and goopy? Well try this simple recipe from my dad, Don Stefano, and make the best pizza dough you have ever had right in your home!

Risotto Recipe – A ‘Sure Thing’

In need of a ‘Sure Thing’? Make this risotto recipe and you will get your wish. I’ve made this recipe dozens of times and can verify that it has magical qualities that will open doors, seal deals and satisfy any hunger you or your dining companions might have!

Sweet Recipes

Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Another heirloom recipe from my Grandmother in Indiana: the famous Banana Cream Pie. My Grandpa’s favorite treat made only on special occasions.

Blueberry Crunch Recipe

Another of my favorites from my Grandmother in Indiana. Blueberry crunch is always a crowd pleaser and leaves guests wanting the recipe and more!

Gramma Van Slooten’s Zucchini Bread Recipe

Are you overloaded with zucchini at the end of the summer harvest? Or do you just want a quick bread that will make your kids happy and healthy? Either way, check out my zucchini bread recipe passed down through 4 generations.

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