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Buttermilk Biscuits – the perfect accompaniment to just about everything

If you grew up in ‘the country’ or had relatives you visited in the Midwest or South; then you are likely familiar with the compulsory serving of some type of bread at dinner.  At my grandparent’s place in Indiana it was always these sweet dinner rolls with margarine.  High class right?  Who cares?  They were as good as the ‘salad’ we were served of peaches in syrup with cottage cheese.  They were also the standard with biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, chicken fried steak and so on.  Always buttermilk, always delicious…


A New Dinner Tradition

In our home, the new age dinner roll is an old classic – the buttermilk biscuit. They are best served right out of the oven.  Warm, flaky, with a touch of soft butter and some jam or apple butter.  Handheld nirvana is now in your possession!  My family craves these biscuits the same way they would fresh baked cookies or pie.  They are that good.

This buttermilk biscuit recipe is pretty darned easy to make.  I can generally whip out a batch in under an hour start to finish if I don’t have someone tugging at me.  Also, the sour cream and buttermilk powder gives them a nice tangy flavor while keeping a good, moist yet fluffy balance to the biscuit.  If you don’t like them, you must be some kind of communist.  Or at least lack taste buds.



What’s Not to Love About Buttermilk Biscuits?

The best thing about buttermilk biscuits is…they go with everything!  In our house, these are a staple food.  I make them in large batches and they freeze very well.  25 seconds in the microwave and you have a hot, moist, buttery biscuit.  Thaw them out, split them, put them in a pan with melted butter and spread some jam or preserves on the final product.  Outstanding!


Buttermilk biscuits with homemade blueberry jam – divine!


But the best, most over indulgent use for these super buttery, short buttermilk biscuits was invented by my children – warm with nutella spread across them.  Hey – when you’re 4 and 6 you can eat like that right? No worries about calories at that age!  Try a batch now.  You’ll be a new culinary hero in your home!

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