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The Carnivore’s Dilemma

Beginning in 2014 I started to write a feature series for Eater focusing on local Chefs who were doing more with meat than just making burgers and steaks. This became what is known as ‘The Carnivore’s Dilemma’ which has been well read and received by the local Seattle food literati.

Over the last two years I had the opportunity to interview a number of great people who did everything from curing prosciutto to making ‘whole beast feasts’ for groups of people who often liked to dress up for the party. Here you will find their stories about why they love to work with meat, how sourcing is incredibly important, and what their favorite karoake tunes are. Enjoy!

Brimmer and Heeltap’s Mike Whisenhunt

Chef Mike Whisenhunt loves working with whole animals and it shows in his continuously evolving preparations of meat at his restaurant in Ballard – Brimmer and Heeltap. Read on to learn about his journey to create the perfect neighborhood restaurant and the quest for constant evolution and creativity.

Jack Timmons of Jack’s BBQ

Jack Timmons left his day job as an engineer at Microsoft to pursue his true passion – creating Seattle’s best Texas barbecue joint. And he’s succeeded in grand fashion. Read on about his journey through BBQ camp to pop up events to building his very own roadhouse in SoDo.

Eric Banh’s Seven Beef Steak House

The meat world of Seattle certainly has no shortage of places to get a good steak. Sure, it’s not the old-school world of Chicago or New York, but there are some notable joints in town if you want to get down to business on a T-bone. Seven Beef is the latest focusing on whole animal butchery using grass-fed beef bringing a vast selection of cuts to the table.

Maximillian Petty of Eden Hill

Many chefs focus in earnest to reduce food waste and to use the whole animal. But few go to the lengths that Chef Maximillian Petty do at his restaurant Eden Hill in Seattle. Not only does Petty have a mission borne out of respect for the beast – but he’s got a creative streak that is impressive. Read about his philosophy and approach to meat.

Tyler Palagi of Radiator Whiskey

If you’re a card carrying member of the Carnivore Club then you likely know about Tyler Palagi and his restaurant Radiator Whiskey located across from Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. On any given night diners are treated to a multitude of meaty pleasures including beef lip terrine, roast pig head and fried pork shanks – it’s meat heaven.

Edouardo Jordan of Salare

Edouardo Jordan has carved out a niche in Seattle as one of the top charcuterie chefs in the city. And yes – he can create other non-cured items too! Read about his journey from learning how to cook at a young age through working in some of the top restaurants in the US and now opening his own place – Salare in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle.

Jason Wilson of Miller’s Guild

What does a chef do when he comes from three generations of butchers? Open a restaurant with the biggest, baddest wood fired oven on the West Coast. Read on to learn about Jason Wilson’s world of meaty goodness at Miller’s Guild in Seattle.

The Carnivore’s Dilemma with John Howie

I miss eating at the great steakhouses of New York and Chicago. There’s something about that old school charm of a Peter Luger’s or Kinzie Chophouse that just can’t be replicated. But John Howie comes pretty damned close at his venerable steakhouse in Bellevue. Read on about his culinary career that spans nearly 40 years.

An Interview with Caprial Pence

Caprial Pence’s return to Seattle after spending the last 20-odd years in Portland is a welcome one. She’s done it all in the cooking world from winning the 1st James Beard Award for Best Chef Northwest to owning restaurants to authoring books to appearing on her own television series. What is she doing for an encore? Find out here…

Stuart Lane of Spinasse and Artusi

Stuart Lane has been the ‘guy behind the guy’ at Seattle’s Cascina Spinasse for years. Now the Exec Chef, he has plans to evolve the menu to another level while keeping many of the classics and there’s reason to be excited – the guy can flat-out cook Italian food like nobody’s business.

Wayne Johnson of FareStart and Shuga Jazz Bistro

Any self-respecting carnivore would have a hard time talking about their love of meat without including Southern-style cooking in the mix. From barbecue to braises – Chef Wayne Johnson is a master with meat and he’s bringing the beat back to Seattle at Shuga Jazz Bistro in Renton.

Seth Richardson of Huxley Wallace

In this edition of The Carnivore’s Dilemma we talk with Seth Richardson of Seattle’s ‘Un-Sports Bar’ – Quality Athletics. Learn about this meat-lover’s his path from commercial fisherman to fry cook at Gameworks to Chef at one of the best places in Seattle to watch the big game.

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