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Chef Interviews

I originally started this blog to tell the life stories of the people I admired most – Chefs working behind the pass every day. And so I went down the path of building this series of chef interviews to tell their stories to the reader at home.

For all the good the Food Network does, it rarely touches on the true stories of people working in kitchens every day for little pay over long hours. Once a career of last resort, being a cook or chef is now something people have begun to aspire to.

I have nothing against the Emeril’s and Bobby Flay’s of the world – but they are anomalies. Most people who own a restaurant don’t make it on TV. And nobody tells the stories of how chefs are doing everything from hiring, firing, ordering, prepping, cleaning, cooking, payroll and everything in between. This series is my homage to them.

Eric Rivera – An Open Book

Eric Rivera is one of the most energetic, focused and creative chefs on the Seattle restaurant scene. Read about how he went from food blogger to the top of his craft in this in-depth interview.

Brady Lowe – The Man Behind Cochon 555

Thanks to Brady Lowe, lovers of heritage pork and sustainable farming practices can now make an annual pilgrimage to 10 events designed to honor the humble pig. If you want to keep your Carnivore Club Card then attendance is compulsory.

Ryan Ross of Supper Corps

Chef Ryan Ross is wholly committed to her mantra of bringing good, seasonal, healthy food to her diners. Currently she runs Supper Corps, an intimate private dining event held in and around Bellingham when the mood strikes. Read about her journey and philosophy on eating and being well.

Chef Lisa Nakamura – Gnocchi Maestro

Many Chefs strive to achieve greatness and garner accolades from the likes of the James Beard Foundation and Michelin. And Lisa Nakamura has lived in that world working for top chefs such as Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz. But there’s something to be said for simplicity in food – and that’s just what she’s mastered with her opening of Gnocchi Bar on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

An Interview with Dana Tough and Brian McCracken

When it comes to the Seattle restaurant scene few have matched the success of Dana Tough and Brian McCracken. Riding their initial success with Spur Gastropub, the pair has brought us the venerable Tavern Law, The Old Sage, and the prohibition-era speakeasy Needle and Thread. Read on to learn about their winning formula for success.

Nick Novello’s Road to Culinary Freedom

Skillet Diner is a legend now in Seattle. Founded by Josh Henderson out of a stealth Airstream trailer in 2008 – it’s become a staple for comfort food in our fine city. And Chef Nick Novello is here to see that you eat well and that don’t have to wear your ’emergency pants’ when you get home from dinner.

Charcuteria Author and Chef Jeffrey Weiss

Much ado had been made recently about the resurgence of charcuterie and salumi. But much of the focus is on French and Italian preparations. Chef Jeff Weiss’ book Charcuteria: The Soul of Spain shows us what we’ve been missing in the dry cured world and how we can bring these traditional preparations into kitchens worldwide.

Heong Soon Park of Chan Seattle and Bacco Cafe

Chefs who are taking traditional cuisine and reinventing it with a dose of creativity and a focus on quality are the new avant garde; Heong Soon Park of Seattle’s Chan and Bacco is no exception. Read about his philosophy on food, harmony at work and eating locally.

An Interview with Maxime Bilet of Imagine Food

For Maxime Bilet – the relationships between food and the senses don’t stop at taste and smell. The continue through a vast series of connections with all five senses, culture, history, the elements and more. Read about his new Imagine Food space where diners eat, learn and interact with their food in new ways.

Altura Chef Nathan Lockwood

Love eating locally sourced ingredients crafted into beautiful plates of Italian food? Look no further than Altura in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Lauded by critics and fellow chefs – Nathan Lockwood is at the top of his game as evidenced by multiple James Beard Award nominations.

Sam Crannell of LloydMartin

Most Chefs will tell you that they don’t cook for money but rather for the love of food. Chef Sam Crannell of LloydMartin in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood is no exception. Read on to learn about both the emotional rewards and toll that is the life of a Chef.

Thierry Rautureau – The Chef in the Hat

Chef Thierry Rautureau is as close as it comes to being a legend on the Seattle food scene. From Rovers to Luc to Loulay to Top Chef Masters – the Chef in the Hat has been delighting local diners with his food for decades. Read on to learn about Thierry’s passion for food, eating locally and giving people amazing dining experiences!

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