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Everybody Loves Seattle Food Trucks

The Seattle food scene took it’s cue from Portland about 8 years ago when a few burgeoning food truck-preneurs took to the streets to hawk their culinary wares. The likes of Josh Henderson of Skillet fame, Roz and Kamala from Marination and Matt Lewis from Where Ya At Matt? were all at the forefront of the revolution for Seattle Food Trucks.

Early on, Health Department regulations made it difficult to operate in this city as well as land use restrictions. Food trucks were forced to operate in specific spaces by permission of the land or property owner. That’s all changed now and it’s due in large part to the efforts of these pioneers in the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of food trucks in Seattle and the true cost of operating a truck – read this piece I wrote about a year ago on Food Truck Economics.

Hallava Falafel Seattle Food Trucks

That’s a Hallava Falafel | Photo: Hallava Falafel/Facebook

What does this have to do with Verizon?

Well, there’s the catch. So Verizon is well known locally and worldwide by any and all mobile phone users. That said, they are one of the only major carriers to not have a significant local presence in the Puget Sound as both AT&T and T-Mobile have large operations here.

So imagine how good it must feel for Verizon to be able to thumb their proverbial noses at the locals by beating their rivals 5 out of the last 6 times in RootMetrics‘ Strongest Network testing conducted in the Seattle area. Which means fewer dropped calls, better performance, and hearing you now.


Who Wants a Free Lunch?

To celebrate this coup Verizon is sponsoring a one-day only free lunch fest in Seattle and Factoria. And they are doing it via two of the more popular food trucks in the area – Hallava Falafel and Bread and Circuses.

Bread and Circuses Seattle Food Trucks

The Bread and Circuses Crew | Photo: Bread and Circuses/Facebook

The former focuses on Middle Eastern fare and I can attest – their falafel is damned delicious. The latter has all manner of upscale comfort food including items such as Lamb Curry Poutine and a killer Sausage Stuffed Porchetta sandwich.

They’ll be appearing on Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 and handing out free eats at the following locations:

Hallava Falafel – Location #1

Hallava Falafel – Location #2

  • Serving Time: 1:15pm-2:30pm
  • Location: 57th St. And 17th Ave NE at the end of Greek Row – Seattle, WA 98105

Bread and Circuses

So come on down and enjoy a free lunch on Verizon at either truck in any of the locations above. You’ll be glad you did!